A brief history of St.Aidan's Church

Setting the Scene

Houses in Alexandra Road

In 1903 Penn was still largely an area of gentleman's seats although some rows of more modest houses had appeared especially to the north and east. Mount Road (which was then called Muchall Lane) was part of the rural area between Wolverhampton and Penn. Ordnance survey maps of the area have been reprinted by Alan Godfrey Maps at a scale of 1:430. They are widely available.

However change was on the horizon, the development of Alexandra, Belmont and Westbourne roads must have started not long after the 1903 map was compiled. The houses in Alexandra Road (shown in the photograph) were good quality middle class housing of the period.

In October 1897 Rev. W.Kipling Cox had become vicar of Penn Fields and was actively aware of the need to provide spiritual provision for a rapidly growing area. In June 1902 a mission room had been erected in New Street. The vicar's attention turned to the rapidly growing area on the North Eastern boundary of the parish.

Funding has always been a problem for the church, however an application to the Lichfield Diocesan Church Extension Society in early 1903 resulted in a favourable response, the vicar having already confirmed that land would be available for 1/- a (square) yard.

In 1904 Seisdon District Council "improved" Muchall Lane by widening and the creation of pavements. It seems likely that after the improvement the road was renamed "Mount Road". It also seems likely that the improvements included the laying of gas mains and that the council anticipated development of the road.

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