A brief history of St.Aidan's Church

Some dates

Service registers survive from October 1947 to date and provide a fascinating insight into growth and change over this period. Until 2000 St.Aidan's was regularly in the charge of a curate.

5th October 1947First service for Alec Motyer
10th September 1950Last service for Alec Motyer
30th September 1951First service for G.H.Chase
5th September 1954Last service for G.H.Chase
5th October 1958New hymn books
1st January 1960Service of dedication of new extension
29th September 1962Service of dedication of new church
18th November 1962First Holy communion service
12th October 1969First Sunday morning (1100) service
3rd March 1970First pram service on 1st Tuesday afternoon of month.
18th July 1971First service for Alex Jack
29th February 1976Decimalisation. Offertory recorded as £5-85½
15th July 1979First service for D.Lumb
November 1982Sunday evening service ended except for Holy Communion on the 1st Sunday of the month which continued until September 1985.
22nd April 1984Last service for D.Lumb
15th July 1984First service for Paul Pike
15th October 1989Last service for Paul Pike
5th May 1991First service for Bernard Crosby
2nd July 1994Marriage of Janine and Howard Wright. St.Aidan's first marriage (by special licence).
19th November 1995First service for Andi Jones
5th March 2000Last service for Andi Jones

The older service books include the text or subject of the service as well as other details. These are usually biblical references such as Matthew 1.21 or "The Consequences of Sin", however the entry for the Pram service on January 8th, 1974 is a bit different, the subject is solemnly and properly recorded as "Julia the Hamster".

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