A brief history of St.Aidan's Church

The Land

The Land was purchased from Mr.James Lakin on 9th April, 1903. The purchase was in the name of the Revd.W.Cox and Mr.F.D.Taylor for £200. The mortgage deed, which survives, describes the land as having a frontage of 36 yards [32.9m] and a total area of 5923 square yards [49.5 ha].

In 1907 the Lichfield Diocesan Church Extension Society wrote to the vicar confirming that they would purchase the site for £225, it being held by the Lichfield Diocesan Trust until the parish had raised the necessary funds. No permanent building could be erected on the site until the loan had been paid off, however there was no objection to the erection of a "temporary mission room". This manoeuvre would provide the funds necessary to erect the "temporary mission room".

It seems that the land was still owned by the Diocesan Trust as late as 1948.

Parts of the land were subsequently sold off. A small strip at the front, about 1m wide was taken for the Muchall Lane improvements in 1904. In 1923 the Church was approached to sell about 1500 square yards of land at the back of the site, the correspondence was complicated as a neighbour also wanted to extend his chicken run. There was also some mention of grazing rights. Lichfield Diocesan Trust were quite happy with this suggesting a price of not less than 1/- per square yard.

Little use was made of the land, much of it acquiring the character of a nature reserve and a site for large bonfires. A large portion of the land was sold in the mid 1990's raising a sum of about £52,000, this made a very useful contribution to the costs that the parish was incurring for the re-ordering of St.Philip's.

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