A brief history of St.Aidan's Church

The Building - Part 2

S.Taylor's letter

On May 26th 1909,Messrs S.Taylor & Co. of 145-147 Lionel Street, Birmingham (telephone No 81) quoted for the provision of a mission room. Their quote was clearly acceptable because on June 30th 1909 the vicar received an invoice from S.Taylor and Co. The text of the invoice reads.


Supplying and fixing complete a Galvanized Mission Room size 50':0" x 20':0" x 9':0" high to eaves, and 15':0" high to ridge. The front having small porch, and roof provided with 6 ventilators and steeple. The whole covered with Taylors Patent Universal in 24 BW Gauge galvanized, all fixed upon your brick foundations.


Extra for staining and once varnishing the whole of the interior boarding to walls and roof. Also painting the whole of the exterior wood and Ironwork 2 coats of paint to your colors.



Terms Net Cash

It is difficult to relate the cost to modern budgets but, based on the price of beer and postage stamps, this would be about £20,000 in modern terms.

There is no contemporary account of the colours but memories from the 1950's suggest it was then painted green.

The vicar clearly paid up promptly, the archives include a letter from S.Taylor & Co. dated July 29th 1909, tendering their best thanks for the cheque for £178:11:0 and expressing their hope that the Mission Room would be in every way satisfactory.

At this stage £225 was owed to the Diocesan Trust, a further £178/18/11 was owed for the building and, in due course, a further amount would be owed for furniture and fixtures. The vicar's appeal mentioned earlier had been quite successful having raised £174/10/5, a document was produced listing all the subscribers and how much they had paid. This document, which survives, is headed with a rather nice pen and ink picture of the church. In all it seems about £300 was still to be raised. In October 1913 an appeal was launched to raise the remainder, unfortunately no record of the outcome of this appeal has been traced.

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