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A brief history of St.Aidan's Church

The early years

Little has survived about the early years of St.Aidan's. It is not even known how the building was heated and lighted although a reference to the expenditure of £3/2/2 on "Gas and Repairs" in accounts for 1915 is suggestive.

The 1915 accounts (which seem to be the only set surviving from this period) show an annual collection of £9/5/11½.

The service pattern was a Sunday School at 3.00 pm and an evening service at 6.30 pm. This pattern was typical of English churches until the final quarter of the 20th century.

The 1930's

There were major changes to St.Aidan's in 1931.

In March 1931 tenders were received for construction of a building at the end of the mission hall to include two WC's and a "wash house". The tenders included the cost of connection to main water supply and sewers. It is not totally clear but likely that this was on the site of the present toilets. The work, under the heading "sanitary arrangements" cost about £60. [The archives include a leaflet from the Elsan Manufacturing Company suggesting that other alternatives may have been considered.]

In December 1931 the Midland Electric Corporation for Power distribution of Temple Street, Birmingham accepted the church's application for the supply of electricity. The 21 yards of service cable joining the mission hall to the street cable would be charged at a rate of 7/- per yard. Earlier Messrs Coley & Swinnerton of St.John's Square had quoted for the necessary works. Before the necessary works could be completed the supply of electricity had been taken over by the Wolverhampton Corporation Electricity Department who offered a supply of alternating current at 200 volts, two-phase and 50 periods.

In 1933 Mount Road and the surrounding area was incorporated in Wolverhampton Borough. A cast iron drain gully cover in the road outside the church still bears the initials SRDC for Seisdon Rural District Council, it seems reasonable that this dates from the improvements to Mount Road in 1904.

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