A brief history of St.Aidan's Church

The 1950's

Sunday School Teachers, circa 1950

The photograph probably taken in 1950 shows the Sunday School Teachers.

Those on the front row, reading from left to right are. John Hodgson, Mrs.Bartlett, Alex Motyer, Gladys Buck (infants supervisor), Mr.Hughes (junior supervisor), Lottie Bartlett and Mr.Bartlett.

Those on the back row, reading from left to right are. June Lawnsby, Sonia Nixon, Pat Bentley, Bob Hooper, Audrey Gregory, Valerie Fisher (now Valerie Beech), Margaret Hughes (daughter of Mr.Hughes) and June Kent (now June Skidmore).

A larger version of the photograph is available.

A set of parish accounts for 1954 has recently been found. St.Aidan's expenditure amounted to £78/0/5 being made up of the following items


Offertories had raised a total of £82/0/11 with a further £39/0/9 being donated for the extension fund which at the end of the year stood at £929/11/1.

In July 1955 the Sunday School teachers were half way towards raising the funds to purchase a motor mower with which to keep the front piece and rear field as tidy and neat as possible. The notes also record a Women's Meeting that had organised a trip to Symond's Yat.

The Women's Meetings, later the Women's Fellowship was a force in the life of St.Aidan's for many years.

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