Passover meal and last supper celebration


Thursday, April 5th 2012, is celebrated as Maunday Thursday. This is a celebration of the last supper of Jesus Christ and his disciples, it is based on the Jewish feast of Passover. This year St.Aidan's fellowship decided to celebrate with an evening meal based on the traditional Jewish celebration of Passover combined with Christian worship.

30 members of the fellowship and friends were present. Rob Carter introduced the celebration with an explanation of the various ritual elements of the family based passover celebration meal (or seder), he had also borrowed a seven-armed candlestick (menorah or hanukiah) for the "top" table.

The main course of the meal was, appropriately, lamb casserole. Before the main course there were ritual foods including parsely dipped in salt water and lettuce dipped in horse radish and haroset (a paste of fruits and nuts) symbolising the privations the Jews suffered in exile. There was also, of course, matzo unleavened bread.

The ritual includes the four cups: sanctification, instruction, redemption and completion which we celebrated using unfermented grape juice.

Particular thanks are due to the ladies of St.Aidans for resourcing and preparing all the food.

More photographs are available.