The Bonfire

News - Open Doors Secret Children Day of Prayer

Open Doors, one of our mission partners, campaigns to support "Secret Children" who suffer for their Christian faith. On November 6th they asked supporters to organise a "secret prayer meeting" to support such children. St. Aidan's fellowship joined in before the morning service.

The meeting was organised as 7 prayer stations focussing on the problems of children in Iraq, North Korea, China, Egypt, Colombia, Indonesia, Pakistan and Northern Nigeria. In the photograph, left to right, Beryl Ellitts, May Nock, Beryl Rossides and Pat Poulton, make origami swallows to focus on the disposable children of North Korea while there's a map and rucksack for the displaced children of Iraq.

There's much more information about the Secret Children on the Open Doors website along with resources and ideas for further support activities.