Ordained Mission Leader Funding Bid

The following text is taken from a leaflet circulated to all members of the three churches of Penn Fields parish.

St.Aidan's church have, as part of their vision, a need to employ an ordained mission leader.

The church committee believe that, in order to encourage and promote growth, the church will need some assistance, giving much-needed support and encouragement to the lay ministry team who have a very heavy workload. This has resulted in a desire to appoint an ordained person as a mission leader on a 25% stipend for an initial 3 year period.

St.Aidan's is faithful, independent, committed and generous. But we can't do this on our own. We need the support of the parish and beyond. We have been blessed and grateful for not only the prayer support, but also the generosity of the other two churches.

Furthermore a grant application to the "Diocesan Growth Fund" has yielded £9000 subject to our willingness to fund the rest of the project. This leaves a balance required of £7500.

In consultation with all three church committees the PCC agreed to ask every member of the three churches to offer a "Love Gift" {Parish Gift Day} to get the fund going, and make up the shortfall. This will take place on Advent Sunday, 27th November 2011.

For further information please contact the Penn Fields Parish Office.